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Submit through FilmFreeway exclusively. From professional filmmakers to the novice, from modest to no budget, we are looking for all type of films and screenplays in any category of horror.  Slasher, thriller, psychological, zombie, classic, animation, sci-fi, documentary, found footage, vampire, fantasy, and any other type you can imagine.  If it does not fit a category, we want it!  This is a competitive film festival!


We are an international horror film festival and encourage submissions worldwide.  We want to have the best the world has to offer in independent horror. 


Our CRIMMY awards were designed by special effects artist Tony Rosen, who created the "Annabelle" doll seen in the motion pictures "The Conjuring" and "Annabelle".  

Besides our awesome trophies, winner of the "Best Short" film will get a broadcast deal offer from ShortsTV, winners of the "Best Unproduced Screenplay" (short and feature) will get Final Draft scriptwriting software, free listings on InkTip! 

All short films will be reviewed by ShortsTV executives for a chance at a cable broadcast deal on their worldwide channel, ShortsTV, which plays Oscar-winning short films.  Check out our FilmFreeway profile for more info on the award categories.

Special effects artist Tony Rosen at the Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest with one of the "Crimmy" awards.

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