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2017 Winners


2017 Horror Icon Award – Joe Bob Briggs
Jury Award – As I Prey
Best Feature – Edgar Allan Poe’s Lighthouse Keeper
Best Short – Solved
Best Director Feature – Heidi Moore (Dolly Deadly)
Best Director Short – Cameron McCasland (H. P. Lovecraft’s The Beast in the Cave)
Best Produced Screenplay Feature – The Dead Bodies in #223
Best Produced Screenplay Short – Curse of the Fur Beast
Best Un-Produced Screenplay Feature – Town of Samhain (Michael Kelleher)
1st Runner Up – Girl From The Village (Gregory Fishwick)
Best Un-Produced Screenplay Short – Crazy For The Blonde (Tom Bragg)
1st Runner Up – Damned If You Do (Mary Woodcock)
Best Spfx Feature – Party Night
Best Spfx Short – What’s For Dinner?
Best Cinematography Feature – Edgar Allan Poe’s Lighthouse Keeper
Best Cinematography Short – White Drift
Best Actress Feature – Laurel Toupal (Party Night)
Best Actress Short – Brandi Alyssa Young (Evil Rising)
Best Actor Feature – Jesse Parr (Altar)
Best Actor Short – Eric E. Poe (Incubation Period)
Homegrown Horror Award – Through The Night
Audience Choice Award – Lake Moultrie Massacre
1st Runner Up- Puppy

2017 Crimson Screen Winners. (right) 2017 Horror Icon Award recipient Joe Bob Briggs

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