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2021 Winners

Jury Award – Force To Fear

Best Feature – Hawk & Rev: Vampire Slayers

Best Short – Naughty

Best Director (feature) – Zach Wincik, Danny Salemme (Cottonmouth)

Best Director (short) – Bret Lada (The Andy Baker Tape)

Best Cinematography (feature) – Bad Candy

Best Cinematography (short) – Boneyard Racers

Best Ensemble Cast (feature) – The Andy Baker Tape

Best Ensemble Cast (short) - The Dark Room

Best Creature (feature) - Bad Candy

Best Creature (short) – The Relic

Best Special Effects (feature) – Bad Candy

Best Special Effects (short) – Hospital Dumpster Divers

Best Score (feature) - Force To Fear

Best Score (short) - The Monster of the Desert

Best Produced Screenplay (feature) – Roommate Wanted

Best Produced Screenplay (short) – Who Wants Dessert?

Best Un-Produced Screenplay (feature) – House Rules by Juston Lucas & Jason Zink

Best Un-Produced Screenplay (short) -  The Preserve by Jason Rice

Homegrown Horror Award – The Feast

Audience Choice Award - Book

Best Foreign Film - I'm A Vampire

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