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2016 Winners


Horror Icon Award: Felissa Rose

Jury Award - Night of Something Strange

Best Feature - The Barn

Best Short - Knob Goblins

Best Feature Director - KILDTV – William Collins

Best Director Short - Don’t Let The Light In – Jaysen Buterin

Best Produced Screenplay Feature - The Campground – The Requel

Best Produced Screenplay Short - Flag Day

Best Actress Feature - Killer Rack – Debbie Rochon

Best Actress Short - PMS: Pre-teen Monster Syndrome – Emily Rose Fuller

Best Actor Feature - Night of Something Strange – Trey Harrison

Best Actor Short - Swing Low – Phil Elam

Best Cinematography Feature - The Barn

Best Cinematography Short - A Way Out

Best Special Efx Feature - Night of Something Strange

Best Special Efx Short - Used Body Parts

Homegrown Horror Award - Midnight Macabre

Audience Choice Runner Up - Debbie Lynn

Audience Choice Award - The Group

Best Un-produced Short Screenplay - "Rainy Season" by Vanessa Wright

Best Un-produced Short Screenplay 1st runner up: "Scratching the Surface" by Samantha Kolesnik

Best Un-produced Feature Screenplay - "Children of the Dead" by Jeff Bassetti

Best Un-produced Feature Screenplay 1st runner up: "Venor" by Matt Nye

2016 Crimson Screen Winners. (right) 2016 Horror Icon Award recipient Felissa Rose

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