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2018 Winners


2018 Horror Icon Award – Mark Patton

The Spirit of Crimson Screen Award – William Stancil

Jury Award – Livescream

Best Feature – I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday

Best Short – Lunch Ladies

Best Promo Video – David Christensen

Best Director (feature) – Troy Escamilla (Party Night)

Best Director (short) – Vanessa Ionta Wright (I Baked Him A Cake)

Best Cinematography (feature) – The Theta Girl

Best Cinematography (short) – Under The Bed

Best Actress (feature) – Hope Bikle (I’m Dreaming of a White Doomsday)

Best Actress (short) - Donna Pieroni (Lunch Ladies)

Best Actor (feature) - Gunner Willis (Livescream)

Best Actor (short) – Jonathan Benton (Songbird)

Best Special Effects (feature) – Arte Factum

Best Special Effects (short) – Gut Punched

Best Produced Screenplay (feature) – Don’t Look

Best Produced Screenplay (short) – T is for Tada

Best Un-Produced Screenplay (feature) – Killing Giggles by Jaysen Buterin

1st runner up – Evil Spirit by Glenn Lissner

Best Un-Produced Screenplay (short) Love, Post-Mortem by Nathan Ludwig and Chad Farmer

1st runner up – Dissipate by Katelyn Harbert

Audience Choice Award – What Becomes of Us

1st runner up – Livescream

Homegrown Horror Award – Skin Baby

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