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2019 Winners


2019 Horror Icon Award – PJ Soles

The Spirit of Crimson Screen Award – Michael Tolbert

Jury Award – One Must Fall

Best Feature – Black Holler

Best Short – Finley

Best Promo Video – C. Michael Whaley

Best Director (feature) – Dale Fabrigar (D-Railed)

Best Director (short) – Chris Roe (A Tale of Two Sisters)

Best Cinematography (feature) – Straight Edge Kegger

Best Cinematography (short) – Blood Spook

Best Actress (feature) – Lauren Paige Wilson (Cracks)

Best Actress (short) - Natasha Pascetta (Road Trash)

Best Actor (feature) - Barry Piacente (One Must Fall)

Best Actor (short) – Iain McKee (Bad Dreams

Best Special Effects (feature) – Exposure

Best Special Effects (short) – The Conduit

Best Produced Screenplay (feature) – Haven's End

Best Produced Screenplay (short) – Bad Dreams

Best Un-Produced Screenplay (feature) – My Brother, the Taxidermist by B. Kornblum Katz

Best Un-Produced Screenplay (short) That Long Black Train by Travis Heermann

Audience Choice Award – Whistler's Mother

Homegrown Horror Award – Cracks

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