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2020 Winners

The Spirit of Crimson Screen Award – Tracey De Leon

Jury Award – To Your Last Death

Best Feature – Kill Giggles

Best Short – The Springfield Three

Best Promo Video – Scott Johnson

Best Director (feature) – Troy Escamilla (Teacher Shortage)

Best Director (short) – Byron Evans (Inflatio)

Best Cinematography (feature) – Tennessee Gothic

Best Cinematography (short) – Love Bite

Best Actress (feature) – Kirsten Ray (Flesher)

Best Actress (short) - Allisyn Snyder (Seek)

Best Actor (feature) - Craig Sheffer (Widow's Point)

Best Actor (short) – Baker Chase Powell (We Die Alone)

Best Special Effects (feature) – Puppet Killer

Best Special Effects (short) – Backward Creep

Best Produced Screenplay (feature) – Do Not Reply

Best Produced Screenplay (short) – Uncle Otto's Truck

Best Un-Produced Screenplay (feature) – Slaughter Lane by Austin Koch

Best Un-Produced Screenplay (short) Ghost Chicken by Vincente DiSanti

Homegrown Horror Award – Thirst of the Dead

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