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2023 Winners

Un-produced Screenplay (short): Reflection by Lisa Ovies

Un-produced Screenplay (feature): The Four of Us are Dying by Jesse Dorian

Best Promo: The Show is about to Begin by Luigi Scarpa

Best Special Effects (short): Black Dragon

Best Special Effects (feature): Johnny Z

Best Produced Screenplay (short):  Moonlight Sonata, with Scissors

Best Produced Screenplay (feature): Guys At Parties Like It

Best Cinematography (short): Sphinx

Best Cinematography (feature): Final Summer    

Homegrown Horror: Sally’s Lullaby

Best SC Director: John Johnson (The Radcliffes)

Best Director (short): Walter Bender (The Eucharist)

Best Director (feature): Jonathan Straiton (Johnny Z)

Best Short: Hazardous

Best Feature: Barn II

Jury Award: Cryptids

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