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2024 Winners

Jury Award - Sheryl

Best Feature - Faceless After Dark

Best Short - Goats

Audience Choice - Looky-Loo

Homegrown Horror Award - Final Score

Best Director Short - Heath Benfield (Guide My Slay)

Best Director Feature - Tony Reames (Spookt)

Best Cinematography Short - The Reclaimers

Best Cinematography Feature - Looky-Loo

Best Produced Screenplay Short - Sleep Tight

Best Produced Screenplay Feature - Livescreamers

Best Unproduced Screenplay Short - The Monster Within by Christopher G Moore

Best Unproduced Screenplay Feature - Redder by James Steele Haney

Best Spfx Short - She’s Behind You

Best Spfx Feature - Livescreamers

Best Promo Video - Austin Koch

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